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Mohsen Azadinejad

Carpets – Job and Vocation in One

The art and culture of carpet weaving, they say, originated in the free and unbound lifestyles of the peoples that lived in the vastness of Central Asia. Thus it can be no surprise that it is precisely these aspects which make up the Persian name Azadinejad: azadi meaning freedom, and nejad meaning people.
Mohsen Azadinejad’s roots are in Persia. Born into a family whose lives have for generations revolved around the weaving and trading of carpets, he was quick to discover his interest in, and particularly his aptitude for, carpet weaving. During his adolescence he apprenticed in his uncle’s manufacture, thus growing into a profession which to him represents far more: namely, a vocation. He even abandoned his medical training in order to be able to fully concentrate on carpets. He has never regretted this decision, as his work with carpets has not lost an iota of its fascination for him to this very day. And so it is probable that he, too, will try to instill this passion in his daughter Sofia, the namesake of his carpet galeria, thus opening up the family tradition to a new generation.










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