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Bio-Carpet Cleaning

Organic, of Course

Our artisanal carpet cleaning is performed following the traditional Persian method, which has never had anything other than natural organic components. This is why it is ideally suited to your high-quality natural fiber carpets – whether they are antiques or new, made of wool or silk, hung on a wall or laid out on the floor. Each carpet is an individual item, and this is how we treat them – wholly individually with regard to their age, condition, material, coloring, and weave. This, as well as our attractive fixed prices, will let you rest easy in the knowledge of having made the right decision for your carpet.

Naturally Pure

Eight steps toward a clean, trim, and robust carpet:

1.    Examination

First we make a professional assessment to decide how your carpet should be treated during the organic hand wash – whether
it is very sensitive and thus requires a careful protective treatment, or whether a more intensive care is needed. And since each carpet is cleaned individually, we are in a position to meet the specific needs of every single item.

2.    Beating

In this step, superficial and rough dirt particles, such as dust, sand and little stones, are carefully removed from the carpet pile while hard-packed dirt is simultaneously being loosened.

3.    Soaking

The carpet is soaked in pure water, allowing even incrusted dirt to come loose. After this, the carpet is rinsed, preparing it for the actual organic wash.

4.    Washing

The organic wash is performed entirely by hand and requires a lot of experience as well as a good feeling for the material.
Both sides of the carpet are treated with special brushes and a natural, ph-adjusted special soap. This method goes particularly easy on both the environment and the carpet and removes virtually all dirt, as well as mites and moths.

5.    Rinsing

The carpet is rinsed pile-deep with clear water in several iterations, which concludes the actual cleaning process.

6.    Refinement

Now, if needed, your carpet is washed with natural vinegar water. This acts as a protective disinfectant, letting the colors shine like new.

7.    Drying

The carpet is then carefully dried, at 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, in a special air circulation system.

8.    Spanning

If, after the drying process, the carpet still shows creases or waves – which, experience tells us, will not disappear by themselves
– our experts will span the carpet for a certain time on a construct of frames especially manufactured for this purpose. This, by the way, is also recommended when a carpet is wavy or drawn after a period of faulty storage.

9.    Protection

In a final step after the drying, the carpet is finished with lanolin, a natural wool grease. This makes it more robust and noticeably more dirt-resistant, letting you enjoy your carpet for a long time to come.

Organic Assistance

For Water and Fire Damage

Once such an accident has happened, the key is to act vigilantly and professionally in order to preserve an item’s value.

In such a case, we examine the damage and provide you with expert assistance. Please do not hesitate to call us, as it is particularly important that the carpet be treated as quickly and adequately as possible in order to prevent further damage.

Apart from a special protective carpet wash on an ecological basis, odor removal is recommended in most cases. To re-surround
the carpet fibers with their natural protective layer, we also suggest applying lanolin, an organic wool grease.

A piece of advice: Most water damage is covered by your household insurance. Address us and we will be happy to help you with your claim.
For fire damage, we of course offer you our services not only for cleaning but also for restoration (see Repair).

For Stains

In case of stains, too, there should be no hesitation! Initially, you can try to carefully remove the stain yourself, by using clear water with a few added drops of detergent and some vinegar. If this should not suffice, just call on us and we will be happy to help. We would always recommend having stubborn, ingrained or large-scale stains carefully removed by an expert. In stain removal, too, we work exclusively
with organic substances such as yoghurt or vinegar. This protects the fibers and maintains your carpet’s natural beauty.

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