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Oriental Carpets

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Oriental carpets have always lent wings to human imagination. But where do they come from? Among the traditional regions of origin are Iran, which is the home of the Persian carpet, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, carpets from countries such as Turkey,
Morocco, Russia, India, or China have also come to be called oriental, provided they meet the high quality criteria that are demanded of a real, hand-woven oriental carpet.

In the Carpet Galeria Sofia, we offer you a large selection of exquisite high-quality manufactured carpets from precisely the regions mentioned above.

Our top priority here are Persian carpets, whose beauty and variety is unequalled. Pattern and quality vary depending upon their region and town of origin – i.e. their provenance. Among other regions, we stock carpets from Qom, Tabriz, Isfahan, Nain, and Shiraz. These include some valuable antiques, which, at up to 140 years of age, are among the absolute highlights of our collection.

Choice quality carpets from Turkey, Morocco, Russia, and China, among others, round off our assortment, which offers you an extraordinary range of authentic, traditional creations. You are cordially invited to come feast your eyes.

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