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Tradition and Durability

An oriental carpet is far more than a floor covering – it is woven culture. Each region and each town has its own typical traditional colors, patterns and qualities. Precious individual carpets can be more than 100 years old, without being old-fashioned in the slightest – quite the opposite.
For Mohsen Azadinejad, it is vital to treat these values with the respect they deserve, and to do everything to spread, nurture and maintain them. His technical expertise, his virtuosity, and his pronounced sense for the materials are invaluable to him in these endeavors. Mohsen Azadinejad is a carpet merchant with every fiber of his being, but his work does not stop there. A particular challenge for him is the restoration and reparation of valuable carpets.
Over the years, Mohsen Azadinejad has, in a sense, become a hunter and gatherer. Whenever he happened upon a particularly beautiful carpet on his travels, he acquired it. For later. For his own business. It is thus that today he owns a large collection of select oriental carpets, among which are several antiques restored by himself, and which he will happily showcase in the Carpet Galeria Sofia.
In buying, he puts great store by quality and workmanship. For this reason, his preferred suppliers are those manufactures that preserve and continue the centuries-old tradition of weaving.
And for whom does he do all this? For you, of course – his customers. And also for his family and the family tradition. After all, it was for a reason that he named his carpet galeria after his daughter: Sofia. Her name stands for wisdom and virtue. And it is precisely these values which Mohsen Azadinejad and his employees feel beholden to.










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