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Carpet Repair

Conserving Values

Precious Persian carpets, Chinese silk carpets, old Berber carpets from Morocco, or high-quality designer carpets – most of these items are unique, leaving an indelible mark on their owner’s living space, and despite some minor or major damage, they cannot be simply discarded.
Repairing such carpets requires a lot of experience, a particular virtuosity, an unerring feeling for the materials and colors, as well as special dedication and love of detail.

In the Carpet Galeria Sofia, repairing carpets is thus the owner’s prerogative. Mohsen Azadinejad places great value on as faithful a repair a possible. For this reason, the Carpet Galeria Sofia imports original materials from their respective countries of origin, and,
if needed, subjects them to a special treatment in advance of the repair process. For instance, it is particularly important to precisely match the correct hue, or to imitate the condition of the material as faithfully as possible, in order to restore the carpet’s original condition.

From small reparations to a complete restoration, you can look over Mohsen Azadinejad’s shoulder as he helps precious treasures
regain their original look and value at the repair table.

The sooner and the more professionally any damage is repaired, the better your carpet’s chances at conserving its beauty and value will be! Call on us, we will be glad to advise you extensively and make you a non-binding offer on the following services:

  • Restoration after water and fire damage
  • Repair of moth damage
  • Removal of abrasions
  • Spanning wavy or drawn carpets
  • Color brush-up in case of decoloration or fading
  • Setting new fringes
  • Retrimming edges
  • Reweaving holes
  • Renewal of frail wefts and warps
  • Treatment of snapped edges
  • Repair of tears and breaks

If you live within 200 km of Mannheim, we can visit you personally for a professional examination, at no additional cost. Otherwise, you can just send us a photo of the damage, via e-mail or regular mail, and we will soon get back to you with a suitable solution.

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